Presentation Coaching

Deals can be won or lost, ideas embraced or forgotten, action taken or ignored by how well you present in front of an audience.

Whether it’s a group of investors, customers, a business community, policy forums, industry conferences or leadership/employee gatherings, the bar has been raised on what it takes to capture an audience’s attention and respect.

It’s risky to go it alone.

For major business contracts and deals, I have coached teams to successful awards of contracts totaling $2.2 billion. I’m only a part of these success, but an important part — coaching presenters to make their case convincingly, especially through story.

I combine my background in major-market broadcasting (writing and presenting for the ear) with three decades of experience coaching senior executives for speeches, interviews and presentations, to provide a full range of presentation coaching:

  • Consulting on overall themes and messaging 
  • Consulting on value proposition, differentiators, and win themes for business bids 
  • Advisory on visuals
  • Coaching on the art of story-telling 
  • Coaching of presenter(s) on stage presence, pace, style 
  • Full video review and critique 

Winning Deals with a Winning Story

No, the facts don’t speak for themselves. Winning the big deals comes down to packaging your case into a powerful, evocative story that makes the essential emotional connection that is central to any decision. Are you a master at it?

Speaking to Hearts and Minds

Have you been invited to to speak at a conference, seminar or luncheon meeting. Making that talk memorable and impactful is both art and science, and it’s not hast you learned in business school. Do you want to learn to be just as good a speaking as you are in leading?