Executive and Leadership Coaching

My executive and leadership consulting is custom-tailored to help you discover your natural abilities as a leader, to be authentic and purposeful in how to approach your business life, to see opportunities, problems and issues from a fresh perspective. It is intended ultimately to give you the confidence and ability to have greater influence and impact on the people who look to you for leadership. My coaching engagements are a relationship, a long-term mutual commitment to your growth. Whether it is some time away from your business, or working the white board in my Cincinnati office (my clients call it “The Loft”), or even just being available for coffee or a meal, I make myself completely accessible to you — because learning and growth knows no schedule.

Working with me, my clients learn to:

  • Get “unstuck” and find paths forward in their careers, vision and abilities 
  • Work through difficult decisions and free up the energy of their organizations 
  • Become more authentic and purposeful to attract committed followers 
  • Gain more self-awareness so they can manage pressure and maintain perspective 
  • Master the unique requirements of executive leadership – relationships, balance, vision, and influence.

Is There a “List” of Leadership Attributes We Should Follow?

Getting It Done

Do you find yourself attacking all the activities on your to-do list in the same say? Or feeling there is too much to do? Are you ready to take a new approach to your work and uncover leadership capabilities you may never have realized your possessed?

Overcoming the Barriers to Decision-making and Execution

Most executives know what they should do, but do you find yourself avoiding or hesitating on difficult decisions? How can I be sure my leadership team is on the same page and is living up to their potential?

Getting It Done

What are your blind spots? Sorry, trick question — we don’t know our blind spots. Would you like to have a way to discover and deal with those behaviors that might be standing in the way of you being a great leader?