Customer Testimonials

Paul impressed me with thought-provoking questions and singular ability to “boil it down to the essential.” He has the ability of a heat seeking missile to find truth and tell it back in the form of an engaging and memorable story. I look forward to working together again.Global entrepreneur in merchandizing industry
Paul offered me extraordinary insight into how I could improve the way I measure expectations.  He brought clarity to difficult situations in the workplace and was instrumental in helping me explore ways to have those difficult conversations we all avoid.  Paul is very sincere and genuine in his process.  He is direct and honest and I always left feeling a sense being enlightened and more confident about the work ahead of me.CEO of Cincinnati-based food products company
Paul is an intelligent guy who talks like a regular person. He is a strategic thinker and an expert. Paul’s advice has been essential to the success of my business. I also value his friendship. He is great company to be around – you will enjoy working with him.Private practice attorney and partner of global family business advisory firm
Paul is an exceptional executive coach. He cares passionately about the quality of his work and I highly recommend him.Senior Vice President of HR for international manufacturing company
It is refreshing to have an executive coach who can come into almost any situation and draw out the best from our team, rather than impose a viewpoint. I could always count on Paul to bring us back to our purpose and focus, and help us communicate better and make better decisions.Co-founder and CEO of nation's largest private student transportation company
By his uncanny ability to deeply listen without preconceptions, Paul enabled me to discover my own leadership journey. This unique talent, combined with a patient yet provocative coaching style, has helped me translate my journey into an inspirational and practical leadership narrative that I apply daily. Paul has helped me develop a mindfulness to ensure that my leadership actions are consistently reflective of the best I have to offer as a person.CEO of leading Cincinnati non-profit social services organization
I have never met anyone who can help you achieve your leadership potential better than Paul Heagen. He knows his stuff, but what makes him unique is his blend of clarity, honesty, acumen, care and humor. He gets to the heart of issues and you come away challenged, encouraged and focused as a leader. If you are ready to step up in class as a leader and have a relationship with someone who will walk that path with you all the way, I could not recommend Paul more highly.Executive VP - Operations for international manufacturing company
Paul is an impressive executive coach. His ability to uncover what an individual sees as their real purpose in their life and career and then create a professional development program around that is second to none. He is a pioneer of new philosophies around how leaders can discover and cultivate their true leadership potential, especially in how they engage with others. He is clearly an expert in his field.COO of major air transportation company
Paul is the epitome of professionalism, calm, clarity of thinking and understanding of complex internal and external drivers. In Paul you will find a man of deep intellect, integrity, professionalism and skill. It has been my honor and privilege to work alongside him, and I am personally grateful for his mentorship and support.Senior Vice President of global public services firm
Sometimes you caught in the executive management rat race and lose focus.  Thanks to Paul, I regained my focus and got my mojo back.  He helped me remember that life and work experiences, whether good or bad, make me who I am and provide opportunities for personal growth and development.  He particularly helped me appreciate that times of perceived failure, disappointment and even loss are opportunities that lead to resilience, authenticity and grace.General Counsel of major banking organization
Paul came into a very critical situation we were facing as a company and quickly got us focused. He offered solid and practical advice on the actions that would help bolster investor confidence and reassure employees.CEO of regional telecom/cable company
Paul is a clear thinker… a great catalyst for other people’s thinking… an effective observer, analyst and mentor… quick to sense the most important business and leadership issues. It is always stimulating to be working with him.Stuart Saunders General Manager - Scottish Power/Manweb
Paul’s gave us fresh perspectives on a complex issue, and he showed a real understanding for how to communicate that issue in a way that engaged our employees, our customers and other important stakeholders.Mary Beth Bardin Executive VP - Verizon
Paul has been a trusted advisor to me for more than a decade. He has an exceptional sense for the moment…invaluable in reflecting my thinking, my style and my values.CEO of U.S.-based public services company
He is really as much a modern-day alchemist as he is a great consultant… an uncanny way of picking out the really important, basic ingredients in our business and turning them into some really golden ideas, insights and themes that we never really imagined. He also has just the right mix of personal manner and skills… his own brew of intelligence, humor, integrity and dedication is refreshing.Vice President - Marketing for energy services company
Paul’s value to us has been enormous. He has proven himself quietly, artfully and consistently without fanfare… and done so with integrity, intelligence and deep appreciation for the needs of our business.Vice President of recognized entertainment company
Paul has a unique ability to come into complex and sometimes tense situations and clarify issues so everyone is speaking from the same page. I have never meet anyone so good at coaching who also understands business.CEO of large Midwestern utility company
His gift is storytelling – a natural ability he combines with acute observation and understanding. He is a consummate listener and facilitator, bringing insightful objectivity… and coaching the team to develop compelling communications and messaging. If you are looking to make a tangible difference… look no further.Vice President in business development and solutions for global public services company