About Paul Heagen

Why should you trust me to guide you through some of the most important decisions in your business and life?

From the earliest days of my career, I have always relished the chance to jump into difficult situations and sort them out — and help others to do the same. I have been there when leaders were under pressure and have helped people step up in their lives and careers. The hard stuff is my space. I “get it.”

Personally, I like to turn over rocks to see what’s underneath, take things apart to see how they’re made, put things together to see if they fit, and occasionally create something from scratch. It’s all about making things better. Not just stuff, but us, too.

Oh…I love good wine, a well-extracted espresso, historical documentaries, cooking shows, ’70s rock music, God, good screenplay writing, my family, my Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle, photography, and friends who sit on our porch at sunset. I’m a natural story-teller (the Irish in me), but I also am a story-listener. We all have a story, and when we have the courage and honesty to explore it, we better understand ourselves and others. That gives us insight into our lives and purpose, finding a path, and freeing ourselves to be great leaders and great people.

I’ve been doing this last part for 22 years. Time flies when you love what you do.

Who Have I Helped?

I’ve been a trusted coach to more than 120 executives over 18 years.

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What Do They Say?

The best measure of value is what my clients say about our work together.

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